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Choosing Your Unique Wedding Venue

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 unique wedding venue toronto


What really makes a wedding unique and stand apart from all of the others? The venue, of course! This aspect of the wedding planning is arguably the most difficult as brides and grooms search for the venue that will make their wildest dreams come true. They want that ‘moment that takes your breath away’ when they and their guests walk into the room but choosing that perfect wedding venue takes some planning.

Set a budget

The word ‘budget’ will probably be your worst enemy when planning your wedding but it’s unfortunately something you have to take into consideration. When scouting out a wedding venue, remember to ask what is included, such as tables, chairs, etc. so you avoid any surprise costs later on. Keep in mind that we are using the word ‘budget’ loosely as budget blowout allegedly affects 98% of brides so know that you aren’t alone! We suggest using The Knot’s Wedding Budget Calculator to help with this process of your wedding planning.


Establish where you want to get married

Narrow down the region where you want say your ‘I do’s’. Does that mean a destination wedding or a local area so your friends and family are able to attend? Remember to refer to the region’s tourism website about major events on the dates you want to book your wedding venue to ensure that there are enough beds to accommodate your guests. For example, if you wanted to get married in Toronto on October 8, you can see the events occurring in the city here.

unique wedding venue toronto

Use Google to your advantage

When searching for the wedding venue of our dreams, the internet is the first place we turn to. We suggest searching ‘Toronto + wedding’ and browsing through the ‘images’ to view past weddings that have taken place at various Toronto venues. This will help you see the potential of each venue and will give you a better sense of what location is capable of being host to your unique wedding.


unique wedding venue downtown toronto


Sign-up for Pinterest (if you haven’t already)

Pinterest is a bride’s best friend when planning her wedding and I mean BEST FRIEND. It is her personal wedding planner. This is where the wedding inspiration happens and that includes the inspiration of the wedding venue. It’s likely that you will come upon some unique wedding venues when searching keywords that relate to your dream wedding. For example, if your dream is to be married in a banking hall in Toronto and you can search ‘banking hall wedding venue Toronto’ and pictures of the One King West’s Grand Banking Hall will pop-up.


 unique wedding venue toronto


If you're set on booking your unique wedding at a venue in downtown Toronto, look no further! One King West has continued to be the back drop to stunning weddings that exceed the bride's and groom's expectations. Please refer to our website for more information about our weddings.

Photos of the Grand Banking Hall and Vault located in One King West Hotel are brought to you by Mark AnthonyMango Studios and Avenue Photo.


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awesome blog post, very helpful hints! I am in the middle of planning my wedding in October and I am freaking out! 0_o but i guess it comes with the excitement.