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Luxury Hotel In Downtown Toronto

By Joel
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Luxury Hotel In Downtown Toronto
When looking for a luxury hotel in downtown Toronto, remember to look for style, ease of access from public transit and of course a great deal!
Considering all of the luxury hotels in downtown Toronto, the choices can be confusing and hard to determine which luxury hotel to stay at.
Luxury hotels are much different than regular hotels as they cater to the more discerning hotel guest.  Although price is a factor, that luxury feeling in both amenities and service should never be compromised. 
Whether it's for a business traveler looking for that luxury benefit or a family of 4 looking to find a place that caters to everyone, or even that couple looking for a weekend getaway, luxury hotels in downtown Toronto have that style, flare and time honored tradition of keeping their guests happy, engaged, and wanting to come back again and again.
One King West offers not just luxury but a tall, beautiful building with history almost as old as the city.  Best of all, the location is in downtown Toronto right by the King (and Yonge) subway stop which is right outside your door.
The next time you are looking for a luxury hotel in downtown Toronto, consider One King West for your luxury experience.
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7 months ago
Visiting Toronto? Consider staying at One King West and learn about all the other amenities we have to offer!
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last year
wow so fancy
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last year
Great luxury hotel in downtown Toronto, wonderful experience and fantastic location!

Try their delicious breakfast buffet on the weekend.
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last year
this looks amazing! very elegant and luxurious.
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last year