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Hi there,
I was wondering if it's still ok to bring my dog to one of your suites if she's just a little over 20lbs? She medium sized, not hyper in the least and well trained. 


By One King West
Hi there,
Please read the hotel's Pet Policy below:

A single dog or cat under 20 lbs is permitted in a room as long as that pet is not left unattended in the suite at any time.


One King West must be made aware of the accompanying pet at time of booking. Should the reservation be made through an on line booking channel, the hotel reservations team must be advised of the pet in writing, prior to the date of arrival. Failure to notify the hotel in writing prior to your arrival may result in the refusal of the pet at time of check in.


In the event that a complaint is received due to loud or excessive barking or noises, a single warning will be issued. Subsequent complaints will result in the removal of the animal and/or the removal of all registered occupants of the room.


A deep cleaning charge of $100 will be added to the room bill. Additional restrictions may apply, please contact the hotel directly for details.

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